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Is it right for my girlfriend to ask her ex for money?

My girlfriend to ask her ex for money

Let me begin by recalling your memory on Adekunle Gold words in Something Different, “It could have been something different, You say you want money baby o We could be loving my honey Kissing and cuddling live in Miami o” Is it just me who is experiencing this with my girl or its actually a general culture with ladies? Do they ever get satisfied with money and glossaries? My girl sees it not to be a problem to continue asking money from her ex. So I am asking, Is it right for my girlfriend to ask her ex for money? well if you’ll like to know what provoked me to ask this particular question, then read it all below and let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.

Story of my girlfriend asking her ex for money.

Back to when we started this relationship in 2019, everything was fine and our love was like heaven on earth, 100% love and maybe that was because I had a lot of cash in my bank account then.

Recently I lost my job and everything changed. Hey just before you think losing my job means I cannot afford 3 square meals, I can not only afford for myself but also for her basic needs. At the very least, I still give her N50k Monthly for her personal needs.

Now here’s why I am getting really upset, I had on several occasions caught her on a call asking her ex for money. Why would she do that? well, I don’t know but I think she makes me look stupid to her ex.

That’s all you need to know, right now I am thinking of ending this relationship so she has all the time in the world to ask her ex and any other for money. I need your advice on this issue.

Hey! don’t just leave, help this guy and other guys who may be facing the same issue by leaving a comment below. Let’s hear from you.

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Ikong Simon David A.K.A Success is the CEO at S-Techmax a top leading IT Company in Cross River State, He is a Professional Web Developer who has worked for several companies across the globe.

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