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Download Heart Attack Comedy by African Home – Samspedy Comedy

This exciting comedy title “Heart Attack Comedy by African Home – Samspedy” is all you need to endure another 2 weeks locdown. The video is funny and will surely make you laugh out loud.

Heart Attack Comedy by African Home – Samspedy (Spoilers alert)

Mama Ojo received a call from a lady, alerting her of a $100,000 dollars she has won from an Online deal. The caller instruct her to get a pen and a paper as she will be calling a code that she can use to cash out the money. For security reasons, this code will be called out only once. Ojo obediently got the pen and the paper for Mama Ojo. While she was taking the digit down, Ojo put on the cleaner machine and the noise from the machine was just too high for her to take down the digits, this is how she lost her $100,000 dollars and developed a heart attack. You should be able to guese what happened next.

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The story dint just end there, a few minutes later, Mama Ojo instruct Ojo to polish her shoes, but Ojo who is so much engaged in a video he was watching on youtube end up polishing his mothers Handbag. Whoops! Ojo is in trouble.

And again a few minutes later Ojo in an attempt to trick the mother to believing he was drinking juice got a very hot slap when the mother realized the actual content in the drink.

There is still more to the story, Ojo attempts to flog her mother, believing it’s the only way to put an end to the beatings he has been receiving, guess what happened.

Use the button below to download this very funny comedy of Ojo and his mother and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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